Team - Dog Pound Discs

Aaron Albert

Aaron Albert #168353

Aaron has been playing disc golf competitively for 4 years now. He says that he loves the sport because of the balance it brings to competition and camaraderie. The community provides unconditional love, where no matter what, you always matter. Some of his favorite courses are Squam, Ackers Acres, and Maple Hill.

Josh Burr

Josh "Burrski" Burr #207057

Josh began playing disc golf during Covid like so many others. During that time he fell in love with the passion and drive people had for the sport. After playing casual for a year or so, Josh played his first tournament. He noticed there was a need to bring together all the pieces of his growing disc community. In 2022, he started Nice Disc Golf Community in hopes to bring clinics, education, charity, and growth to his community in North Carolina so that the sport can continue to grow. 

Emily Sievert

Emily Sievert #166387

Emily is going on her 3rd year playing competitive disc golf. She says that she loves the sport because of the people! She's met so many new people through disc and it's fun to be out being active and competing. A couple of her favorite courses are The Patriot at Pineland Farms and Fox Meadows.

Jayson Kirkwood

Jayson Kirkwood

Jayson started playing disc golf back in 2013. One of his favorite things about disc golf is how creative you can get with shaping your shots through the course. Playing for TOG in Team Challenge has given him the opportunity to play a lot of different courses and meet tons of people that have been part of the game for decades, all while enjoying the bliss of ripping plastic! He says that Bellamy Park has his heart and the community there is tight and you can really feel the great sense of comradery.

Ian Craveiro

Ian Craveiro #99166

Ian has been playing disc for years and he has the skill to show for it! He is known locally in New England as one of the guys to beat, but he has taken his skills to the World's stage twice so far with hopes at more to come. Besides his skills on the course, Ian is a stand up member of the local community and is the first one to offer up his help with course clean up or donating his time to help others. He is also on Lone Star Discs Tournament Team this year and it will be fun to see him with a new bag!